Jets & Props // 09. – September 11th // Donauwörth-Genderkingen

Trailer production in Donauwörth

Two years without trade fairs, air shows and only a few events. The dexterity can get a bit rusty – right?

Not with our friends Luca Baumann and Enrico Thäter, who impressively showed us again last weekend why we are still in much better hands behind the scenes.

That was strong men, thank you for the amazing day of shooting and your commitment!

Look forward to our trailer, launch matching the start of ticket sales on May 1st, 2022

Your J&P team

The first exhibitors have been confirmed!

New team, new concept and still everything the same?

Dear friends of the JetPower fair, dear exhibitors,

After a two-year break due to corona, we are not only presenting the JET POWER 2022 in a new guise, we have also repositioned ourselves organizationally.

Emmerich Deutsch, who will be working as an authorized officer for JetPower Event GmbH, will henceforth be supported by the media and event service provider WBLT. A partnership that should guarantee the long-term organization of the trade fair.

»Everyone contributes their skills, I am very happy to have found a partner who is not only new to JET POWER but also to model aircraft sports.«
– Emmerich Deutsch, General Manager JetPower Event GmbH

We will also support the numerous exhibitors and manufacturers who have lost an important stage for their products due to the many event cancellations:

“It was the wish of many of our exhibitors, who have not been to a trade fair for two years, to be able to show their entire portfolio. However, we will not deviate a bit from the high standard at JETS & PROPS either, so there is nothing to fear.”
– Emmerich Deutsch, General Manager JetPower Event GmbH

Registration for exhibitors will start on March 14, 2022.
Advance ticket sales start on May 1st. through our partners from Eventim.

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We look forward to seeing you – because it’s finally time again!

Your JETS & PROPS team